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    Cool Getting comments?


    Just wondering if any of you have ideas on how to get comments at your blog? Right now I am seeing 500 UV a day but very few comments. Would like comments to go up. Any one got any tricks or advice for this.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    - Reply to (every of) them. (If they take the effort to comment, shouldn't you too?
    - Make more friends and loyal readers
    - Ask a question (asking for more points) at the end of your posts.
    - Request your friends to comment.
    - Write a question post (I tried this and got quite a lot of comments).
    - Use Thank-me-later ( (Thanks Hector)
    - What is the address of your blog? (I want to comment on it. )
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  3. Asking questions at the end of the post is SUPER effective.

    If you just want comments:

    -Write a controvertial post.
    -Write something very stupid :P
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    Thanks for all the pointers.

    Gloson, this is a blog related to technology for a client. I am not supposed to give the link out. Hope you understand

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    Holding a contest can get you many many comments.

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    To get more comments, comment on other blogs. Also, read this ebook:

    but seriously, comment on other blogs.

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