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Thread: Google Allowing Dup Content?

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    Google Allowing Dup Content?

    Theory put out there by SearchEngineland's Barry Schwartz based on some tests published by Dan Petrovic (nothing like a kindergarten he said, she said, 2 x test theory right? ).

    Hijacking Google Search Results With Duplicate Content

    I always wonder if Google creates more second and third order negatives than they realize with each new algorithm "animal" myself....

    Kind of like battling you hire more cops, create more rules, or spend more money on addressing the root causes of the perceived "bad behavior"....I almost think you need to keep the rules in place, then just attack bad behavior (in your eyes) directly, vice doing the super-secret algo changes that are similar to WW 2 carpet bombing...yeah you kill some bad guys, but you take a lot of good ones down too!

    Anyway, thoughts are welcome.

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    I've seen situations like that several times over several years. Google does not keep track of which version of an article is published first. They look at other factors. It is not hard to push a copied article ahead of the original article. It just takes a couple of good quality links.

    I am not sure that I believe that a +1 click is going to move a dupe page ahead of the original. Cutts recently said that they are not using +1 clicks because they have not found them to be reliable. However, there could be something new going on with respect to +1.
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    Dan's homepage is PR7. Rand's is PR6. I am assuming trust is the aspect. Look through "web directory" results and see how many directories are still doing well in Google. If you have trust assigned to you, you are not likely to be penalized unless you lose that trust rank.

    Of course, if Dan keeps doing these experiments, he will probably hit a sour note and lose it.

    But the rules we usually talk about do not apply to those who seem to have a humanly assigned blessing from big G.
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    According to what I've read from Matt Cutt's statement 25-30% of the web's content duplicated content So Google is allowing duplicate article but not too excessive like a copy-cat content.

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