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Thread: Google Analytics in Wordpress Blogs

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    Google Analytics in Wordpress Blogs

    Hi all, I want to know that how I can include google analytics code in my wordpress blog ? I am new on wordpress

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Try Google Analyticator. I recently put it on my new site, and it works pretty well. It adds a nice analytics summary with a graph on the wordpress dashboard.

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    You can use a plug-in as mentioned above, or insert the Google Analytics code prior to the closing </body> tag on your pages...a lot of themes will include HTML inserts that do this for you if you're not up to code hacking your theme's PHP code manually...
    For bigger blogs, avoiding plugins where you can helps save memory...doesn't seem to matter for new or smaller blogs (on the total number) much.

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    I use a Google Analytics plugin named, oddly enough, "Google Analytics", which enables Google Analytics on all pages. It is simple to install and the version that I use is Version 1.0.2 | By Kevin Sylvestre. Just Click Add New in the plugins page and search for Google Analytics and the one that I reference should be at the top of the list of available options to chose from. The one referenced here, like many other plugins, is free to use. The reason I like this plugin is that it tracks not just posts, but all pages, including category pages. I have had great luck with it and have not had to request a refund yet

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    Just like what others have suggested for you here, go find plugins that will automatically embed google analytics code to your site. You'll need to provide some sort of key though, something like UA-randomnumberhere. Then, you'll be able to see your google analytics data from your wordpress dashboard.

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