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Thread: Google's Friend Connect?

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    Cool Google's Friend Connect?

    I was wondering if anyone was using Google's Friend Connect? It seems like a very useful tool. Please post your experiences with it.

    Is it useful? How exactly does it help?

  2. I use it on one of my blogs. I don't quite understand it completely, but it's supposed to have some benefits for gathering your community together and helping them get back to your site easier.

    Still trying to see it's benefit on my site though...

  3. Ditto as Alex, I have seen it yet not bothered to check it out. I don;t like adding excessive stuff to my blogs.
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    Used it a bit, didn't really like it. Not enough people using the service to make it worthwhile, at least that's the case at the moment.
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    I see it everywhere and I think it is a good add on.
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    It is actually a pretty cool thing. I don't like to use it on blogs because the community is already good enough. However, I love to use on it websites.

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