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Thread: Have you designed your own blog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheth View Post
    @Sneakyheathen haha try converting a wp blog to blogger! I've designed 14 blogger templates, around 4 wp and joomla for my clients!
    Okay awesome. Porting a theme still doesn't make it your own original work.

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    Naah, because my design skills suck. Bad.

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    If I could do it, I would do it -- But it's simple, I can't so I don't

    As I have my own personal designer that does these jobs for 25$ each (including coding) and there are hundreds of free themes available I'm not going to learn it though, but it's always nice if you have the skills to make it

    The designer has been away for quite a few months now (misstemplates) so before you start PM'ing me, I won't give her adress, try to contact her yourself first

  4. Yep, almost finished off designing mine. Then to make vbulletin match the new blog.

  5. I have done major modifications to my original blog template...i have created a blogger template but havent released it on my blog yet
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    Because i'm still very fresh in blogging plus I do not have web designing knowledge. So i would prefer to use a free templete theme for a starting. I need to build my web designing knowledge. (My Personal Blog) (My Wushu Diary)

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    I've designed my last two/three themes. I found that custom designs generally makes your blog stand out from the crowd.

    Also, as someone else said before, it's a learning experience. You can actually decide the look & feel of your site and how it interacts with your visitors

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    No haven't time to design my blog. I would though...

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