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Thread: Have you ever thought about giving up?

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    Yes many times,
    I'm busy with many things like studies, obligations, work, etc.
    sometimes I give up but I always come back just to find that wasting time is a huge error if you run internet business.

  2. One of my favorite series of fiction books has a chapter titled "Where do you go when you give up?"

    When you give up at one thing, you have to pick something else to do with your time.

    You might as well pick something productive.
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    I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

  3. i sometimes thought of it but when i think of my bills, i think i can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    When you give up at one thing, you have to pick something else to do with your time.

    You might as well pick something productive.
    You hit the nail on the head to give up the blogging for something more productive.

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    At the end of the day if you are online to be in business then MONEY is what its all about. If you are not making money then you need to reassess where you are at and what you are doing.

    People think that its easy to just flick a switch, set up a website, and make money from it - it isnt!

    I almost went bankrupt, lost my house, car and I still battled the odds chasing wjat I knew would pay off eventually. That was 18 months ago, and now its a memory I cherish every day. It reminds me of the extremes people can go to if they truly believe in what they are doing. But at the same time, that passion must also project MONEY!

    I remember too the experience of my first $2000 month online, and that was only 5 months ago.

    What kept me going to the brink, was the support I found on another forum. The people there who made me understand the ups and downs of what I was doing, and how to potentially deal with them.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    You hit the nail on the head to give up the blogging for something more productive.
    To be honest i am more interested in creating advanced sites like social network and services,but to do so i would need advanced programming knowledge....and i dont really think that programming is for me
    Here is a example why:

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    for me web and real world is not much different ..... just another platform.
    so giving up on web, just same like giving up on your real life ........

    Nothing easy other then "giving up"

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    for me giving up is not a option.

    I do blogging not for the sake of earning money but because i want to do it and now as a subset i am earning money too.

    so i may slow down at times but i will never back down i will never quit.

  9. I think the biggest cause of lost motivation which leads to feelings of giving up is trying to force yourself into something. Blogging, like probably everything else, works best when you're in the flow or "in the zone", when words just come to you naturally.

    But when you sit and then don't even know how to start or you start and then hit the snag and find yourself endlessly revising every other sentence or paragraph maybe it is good to just give it up, give up that one blog entry (maybe draft it in case it sparks ideas later on) and think of what else might "flow" from you better at that time.

    There's nothing worse than trying to force yourself. It ruins even the work you love most. It's just that loving what you do makes it more likely for you to get into that "flow" state, but it doesn't guarantee it at all times.

    I was just thinking about this yesterday.. Motivation is a big issue for me.

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    I admit I often thought about stop blogging but then when I look other job around me,I found it not as fun as blogging.

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