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Thread: Have You Made a Google+ Page Yet?

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    Have You Made a Google+ Page Yet?

    So I came across this article:

    Businesses, Brands Invade Google Plus | Webmonkey |

    And you go here:

    And its pretty easy to do. Enjoy.

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    Doh! I did figure out that if you don't put in your 'botique' url extension after that you can't change it!!! Or at least if you can, I can figure it out. Guess I'll make another page tonight.

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    It'll be a great substitute for Facebook Pages. I haven't made one yet, but will make one soon.

    It looks like a good way to create one way backlink from google+ to my site.

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    Dang, I attracted too many spammers to this one!! I'll leave open for now. I would have to say though, traffic-wise when compared to FaceBook Page referrals, Google+ Pages have not done much for me(er my sites). Maybe they help with the "Trust" factor...haven't come across anything to confirm or deny this could be the case though.

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