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Thread: Help - Populating a WP blog from MYSQL dumps

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    Help - Populating a WP blog from MYSQL dumps


    I have a couple of databases in MYSQL dump format(.sql). Could anyone give me a step-by-step method or a tutorial regarding how to use the database to start a new blog. (like a recipe blog or a jokes blog)

    Do you have to use a plugin to do the same ? Or is it to be done from the site's cpanel.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Go to phpmyadmin
    drop all the tables
    then export your new tables/sql

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    Hmm. I;m having no luck. After dropping all default wordpress tables, i've "imported" a .sql file which has just one table.

    How do i publish content from that table when I don't have the wordpress db tables in the first place ?

    Any attempts to access domain, prompts me install WP first.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I just imported a small little quotes db I had.

    table imported is - fam_quotes

    fields are id, author & quote

    As you would have gathered by now, my problem is how do you separate each tuple of the table and post it as a new post on the WP platform.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. you can only import mysql dump which is exported from a wordpress blog... not just any dump

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    Ah. That explains everything then. Thanks a lot.


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