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Thread: How to check blog traffic?

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    Google Analytics is the best tool available for us to know your site traffic

  2. Google Analytic is best methor to know blog traffic

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    Login to your cpanel, open your awstats. And you'll find bunch of data about your site traffic. It can't be any simpler than this.

  4. you use google analytic tool to check your website traffic

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    1. Google Analaytics - the best tool..

    2. You can use various plugins, such as WP-STATS (and more)

    3. You can place a counter on your website..

    But, in my opinion, use Google Analytics..It's the best way to not just count your traffic, but also analyse it..

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    Yes, I also used Google Analytics to find out my blog's traffic. It is very useful since I can see the traffic sources and my daily record of visitors.

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    depends on the site of blogging, however, there lots of seo plugin available and you can just have one installed in your browser. For WP there is a default way to track that out.

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    Configure google analytics on your blog, you will get all the traffic details.

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    To monitoring you blog traffic Install google analytics to your site .Sign up for analytics code their you will get a java script code just post this code to your webpage .After 6 hour analytics will start to show you data of visitor who are visiting your site .By this tool you also can know from where the traffic is coming how much you bounce rate is .For which keywords search engine giving you traffic and many other thing .This is the best visitor monitoring tool forever .

  10. Quote Originally Posted by forumer147 View Post
    I would like to asked if what is the best method in checking blog traffic? Is their any tools for it ?
    I use Google analytics to check the traffic of my blog.

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