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Thread: How to check blog traffic?

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  1. How to check blog traffic?

    I would like to asked if what is the best method in checking blog traffic? Is their any tools for it ?

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Install Google Analytics on your site.
    Yes, it's pretty much works the same way as a regular website. Use Get Click if you want to see real time traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Install Google Analytics on your site.
    Joining commentluv community will surely give you traffic that you want, we will be surprise when you see your blog site traffic in Google analytics

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    Wp has certain plugin wp-stats that allows you to check traffic
    Google Analytics is one

    All of these provide with methods to check traffic on your blog

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    I am using 2 plugins and 1 stat service to monitor my blog's traffic which are:

    I believe they are complimenting each other.


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    I use this WassUP plugin on all my wordpress blog and really like it.

    WordPress › WassUp WordPress Plugins

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    I suggest you use a tool from It's totally free and very informative..

  10. I can recommend two free hit counters. These are Statcounter and Bravenet. You get three free ones with each of these sites. And of course you can upgrade.

    They are really good, reliable and easy to install. (BTW, Bravenet is just a counter - it's a hosting company with heaps of tools, including counters. You just have to sign up and find the right section in your membership.)

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