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Thread: How has blogging helped you in the 'real world'?

  1. How has blogging helped you in the 'real world'?


    How has blogging helped you in the 'real world'?

    For me it has helped me network better with people. I really have improved communication skills thanks to blogging.

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    I've definitely become more social, and I've learned how to conduct myself with more patience and planning.

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    1. helped me to get publicity.
    2. improved my English.
    3. boosted my communication skills.
    4. improved my writing skills.

    I think I've got more, but I can't think of it! :P
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    Writing articles, has made me more disciplined. As to be successful, you need to get your schedule etc. straight.

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    Blogging taught me the following things and I never regret started out on the Internet as a blogger:

    1. Better writing skills
    2. Better networking and communication skills
    3. Be analytical
    4. Improved productivity
    5. Success don't come easily
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    Networking skills, FTW!

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