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Thread: how to make a blogspot become a dofollow?

  1. how to make a blogspot become a dofollow?

    how to make a blogspot page become a dofollow blog.
    please let me know.

    that even the links in the comments will be dofollow too.

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    For Blogger / Blogspot blogs, you will need to do a few things. First, under settings, allow Anonymous users to comment. This is the only way your commenters will have the Name / URL option. Then, go to your Layout tab > Edit HTML. From here, you will need to Download Full Template, which will be an XML file.

    Open the XML file in a text editor. Just in case there are any problems, first save a backup copy of your template. Then do a search for nofollow. You will find two lines that will simply need the rel=’nofollow’ removed from the code – one for the commenter’s URL, and one for backlinks.

    <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
    <a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'><data:backlink.title/></a>
    Save your template xml, and then upload it. Now your Blogger / Blogspot should be free of nofollow links.

    more info: How to Make Your WordPress or Blogger Blog DoFollow | DoFollow Blog Directory & Compendium

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