Thought I would start this thread as a way to potential create a step by step system for people to make money from their blog.

Lets assume you have done your research, have picked a market, know your niche have registered a domain.

On Day one you find a hosting company that has fantastico, you install wordpress, load up the revolution theme and activate all the plugins you downloaded from reading another post in this forum on the best plugins.

You have decided to write 10 articles, which you amazingly do in 3 days. You post 1 article to the blog and then set the other 9 to post ever 24 hours.

You have read about social media and decided to go to and post your blog to a bunch of social media accounts like digg and propeller.

You decided to ad adsense to the site and have found two great clickbank products to promote and load up a couple banners and links on the blog.

Now what??????????

What would you do for the next 29 days or what things would you do to make the blog bring in some money.

would you submit to article directories, how often and how much?
would you forum post, how often and how much?
would you tweet about your blog every day?

This way as someone new to this forum reads this post and the following comments has a way to just rinse and repeat.

This should be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!:s3: