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Thread: How many subscribers does your blog have?

  1. I am not actually sure where to find the count. I am currently using Blogger for my blog, so I have something that allows people to subscribe, but I can't see the count. Does anyone know how to get the count or to view the subscribers?

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    What is your feed? Feedburner, or what? We can add subscriber stat on our blog by setting it via your subscriber system site (you can get a script to be added to your blog). But if it's not helped, actually you can see your subcriber list via feed site. There is a menu to see your subscriber list.

  3. I am not really sure what I am using. It is a widget that I found through the blogger??? I am pretty new to this. I tried looking, but I didn't find the actually place that I can see if someone subscribed to my blog.

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    In way to solve the problem. Then just join to famous feed site such feedburner. I'm recommend feedburner, since i've no problem in using it in this 1 years, the system is so simple and easy to learn.

    Here is the link :

    Anyway, i just notice that it's redirect to google feed, maybe feedburner and google feed already merger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    Anyway, i just notice that it's redirect to google feed, maybe feedburner and google feed already merger?
    Well, Google own both Feedburner and Blogger, so it would make sense that they interlink the two

    Like Akira said though, if you don't already have a Feedburner account set up, you definately should. It's easy to use and has loads of great features, one of which is to allow you to subscribe by email

  6. Sounds it! I just went to the site and I am now trying to set it up. Hopefully it works alright. You guys should subscribe to my blog if you like the topic a lot.

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