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Thread: How Often do you Update Your Blogs?

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    I update one site three times a week. The other is updated a few times a week. Tuesday is the big article, Friday is news and then anything sporadically throughout the week as I feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascendancy View Post
    I've started updating my blogs a lot more! I have noticed that all of the successful blogs started off updating their blogs at least once a day, and I am striving to do this as well. I find that it will bring in more traffic, repeat visitors interested in my articles, and just general good things
    yah same to me, new blog always start with daily post, after month reduce to weekly then follow by monthly ... then traffic come in smoothly too

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    If, you are in this business to make a serious impact - then it is ESSENTIAL to add new content at least ONE TIME PER DAY

    If folks tell you different then they have not been down that road, we have tested on adding content every few days, a few times a month etc etc


    Content is KING and the more updates you issue, the stronger your site becomes, remember GOOD CONTENT gets you traction, backlinks, pick ups on your content etc etc

    The market leaders are updating many times per day.


    Simple because that is how the pros operate and are successful

  4. everyday is really a good habit i just don't do it coz i can't write it good.

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    I do really update every day but it depends if it is personal than I update daily writing stuff what I learn.

    But you need to update daily as much as you can so it depends on you if you have time. But you have also need to update off page and think it about.


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    What I have done on one of my blog is, I got someone to write fifty articles. Now I am adding them in queue and they get published everyday, one by one. This going to go on until March 31. I want to see if there is any impact on my site after this.

  7. Before I usually update my blogs but this past few days I am bit bored in updating them. I guess I am really busy but I will find some time to do it soon

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    Back in the days when I managed a blog, I used to post 2-3 articles weekly, and tried to keep up with managing and everything else (e.g. Facebook Page) on a daily basis.

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    Posting more and more articles have great advantages as i mentioned above it helps in terms of SEO. But also there many other advantages of consistent article post. First, it will increase traffic because more good content attracts more traffic. Second, it will increase search traffic, because more posts means that your blog is producing more content that is being indexed by search engines in regular basis and finally more traffic is directly interrelated to your wallet more traffic increases your ads earning, and sales.

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    So kellin, just where did you copy this from?
    And then paste here?

    That is thievery to take someone else's writing and pass it off as yours!

    From here on in?
    I doubt if many will trust whatever you post here!
    Plus dragging up a 2 year old thread to post your thievery?

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