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Thread: How Often do you Update Your Blogs?

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    Nice catch, and not the first of his posts to do so. Not sure if it's a bot or just a person with zero to offer. Dang this stuff gets old.

    ---------- Post added at 13:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 13:51 PM ----------

    He's a retread ID for a guy I already banned for this. Re-removing.
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    When you update the blog make sure you are taking one step forward. This time you are taking an approach of converting your readers into your clients. Because this idea is new to many so one should know what sort of change he/she's be making in order to get more traffic and business.

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    Its good to post new content in the blog at least once in a weak. If people like your content, they will surely keep coming back for more and its important to present new content to maintain the flow of traffic.

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    I forgot all about my blog since 2011 until 2013 came. I moved hosting and now I am a happy camper. I am trying to update my blog everyday as much as I can. This means staying up late just to produce decent content. I am aiming for a thousand posts maybe after 2 years? I am passionate about my blog's topic and I know I just had to do it because it is fun.

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    I update my blog daily, sometime twice a day..

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    I'm currently aiming for at least 1 post a day to start out my blog, then maybe slow it down depending on what I plan to post about.

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    I really do update one of my blogs twice a day.

    And my Iowadawg blog gets updated 3-5 times a day.

    Just because there is so much going on in the world.

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    The main thing is to post original content. This will stick in the search engine (G).

    Blog post frequency is totally dependent on the need to update your content according to the latest news in your topic area since that is what a blog is for.

    So your post frequency may vary from one time per decade (royal baby blog) to per minute (latest Apple stock price move analysis) for example.

  9. Most of our clients put new content on their sites 2-3 times a week.

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    I updated 4-5 times a week.. except the weekend, I usually update it.

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