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Thread: How would you have made money online if there was no blogging ?

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    Hey but even we use own domain, blogspot and wp is still belong to blogspot and wordpress. But why if we use own domain, we can sell it?
    Basically, you can't sell subdomains because they don't belong to you. If you buy a proper domain (from a registrar like godaddy), it belongs to you so you're within your rights to sell it.

    A subdomain:

    A "proper" domain:

    See what I mean?

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    Well, I am working for a guy that works with online stuff, computers etc. We are making a website together right now, and as payment up-front he gave me a $2,000 laptop, YAY!

    And as soon as this one is done I will be spending a lot of time actually at his house working on programming 5 days a week for anywhere from $200 - $400 or more a week. For being 18 that is a pretty good job I think, plus he can teach me quiet a lot.
    Steven here, my friends.
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  3. Well Blogs probably are easy but i dont see them as such a big deal i mean there is a lot you can do to make money online like freelancing,selling websites,affiliates and maybe even one self's ventures,like starting a small business online ...

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