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Thread: I'm Frustrated With Blogging

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    Ya gotta pay the bills though my personal application of Paretto, I flow my stuff every 4th or 5th project as its own deal. Keeps my mind from going numb doing some of the bill paying monotonous stuff, and my personal empire keeps growing (though nothing like Will ). Eventual goal is to divorce myself from the contract stuff...getting closer, still not there. Best of luck to you!

    And, btw if you're frustrated with your personal blogs, under no circumstances turn to online arcades to take the place of your freelance writing will not surpass it for a long long while...if anyone disgrees, have them show you a startup arcade that makes more than $100 monthly in the first 5 months and they can't already own another PR4 or above one....if someone claims such, they are lying.
    Best of luck!

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    I am also an article writer for basically all niches, more or less. I am also a blogger( for instance) and I find time to write for my blogs, ezine quality articles and to earn from writing for others who are interested. Don't focus on the monetary part since you might be disappointed. Just write and be hopeful.

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    I have found renewed energy and motivation! The prospects that a new year can bring are pushing me in the right direction. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated.

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    Why not try one blog and write articles about it in your spare to make most of your free time or you can atleast make such blogs as sample for your clients I am sure you will surely be motivated blogging stuff

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    Don't mind negative results. Just make it a hobby to write articles for your own site if you have FREE time.. Who knows it will pay you when you less expect it.. There's no risk on it.. Just keep going on..

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    Even thought i dont write i can tell you from personal experience that motivating yourself can be very hard,and i'm still working on finding a definitive guide to motivation
    Sometimes i can work and sometimes i cant,but that's maybe just me

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