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Thread: It is impossible to make money online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    That's true... money makes things a lot easier, and it's the goal of a business.

    But it takes a lot of determination and effort to maintain a business, too.
    You're right that determination and effort are what will decide the success or failure of the make money online effort.

    Money isn't needed. But rather revenue and income. It really comes down to monetizing the determination and effort. So that you earn a living and can afford to keep working in the MMO business.

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    It's basically a mindset. You start with a little bit. You see what works, do a little more of it. You get the hang of it. Go on and explore new ways to monetize. It's a never ending cycle, but if you're ready to sacrifice some time and effort, then making money will come with it.

    Usually not overnight, but when you see the reward, the effort becomes worth it.
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  3. You know,always when i hear people talking about how it's impossible to do something in life,and I dont mean just business but,for example learn to play guitar...i always remember this
    Winners are people who are ready to do what losers arent

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