I am using Joomla with the Ambra Subscriptions module to accept payments. When a new customer signs up and makes a payment, their account is not being automatically activated. I find myself having to activate every account manually after a new customer complains that they can't log in.

Under 'Site --> Global Configuration --> System --> User Settings', the "New User Account Activation" option was set to "No" but I changed it to "Yes" and the problem persists either way. The description of the "New User Account Activation Setting" says this:

If set to "Yes", the user will be e-mailed a link to activate their account before they can log in."

It doesn't matter if I set it to "Yes" or "No" because either way accounts are not being activated. I keep having to log in and activate accounts manually.

Here are the two things I don't want:

1) For the user to have to click a link in their e-mail to activate the account.
2) For the user to have to wait for me to manually activate their account.

I just want the user's account to be active as soon as they make a payment. No links to click, no having to wait for me.

Anyone know how to solve this?