Hi All,

i found this great plugin for one of my friends and i though i would share it with everyone.

WordPress › Relevanssi WordPress Plugins

extract from the official website : Relevanssi, a better search for WordPress

Relevanssi (Finnish for “relevance”), a new WordPress search with following features:
  • Relevance-sorted results, so the best results are first.
  • Very simple, yet effective search engine.
  • Fuzzy matching to make finding results easier.
  • Easy installation.
  • Updates index automatically and quickly.
  • Modifying the stop word list used by the indexing is possible and simple.
  • Indexing can be set to include only posts, only pages or both.
  • Relevanssi can index comments, tags and custom fields.
  • Relevanssi can also expand shortcodes before indexing documents.
  • The plugin comes stop word lists in several languages besides English.
  • Search results show the part of the document where the search term is.
  • Search terms are highlighted in the results, with several different methods available.
  • Search term logging.
  • Search results can be limited to certain categories or tags.
  • Certain categories or tags can be excluded from the search results.

I hope this can help someone..