Ok, so my Dad is a dentist and has:
- A basic website that is Dr.hisname.com which is his main site
- Owns citynamedentists.com redirected to the site that is redirected to his main site
- owns citynamedentist.com redirected to the main site
2 questions for opinion:
1 - He is asking if he should link build only for the main site or if he gains anything by building links to the 2 redirected sites. He does not want to make the 2 redirected sites his primary. State law prohibits him from doing something like a business directory or other blog on the other 2 to point to his for an FYI.
2 - When you type in cityname dentist, etc, he shows as the 6th business on the Google Maps listing of dentists for the area before the search results are displayed. Any way beyond claiming his listing, and just working on his SERP results to show higher on the Google maps results? Only 1 of the 5 dentists above him has a website btw...

Any thoughts are appreciated.