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Thread: Low Cost or Free Document Sharing Sites

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    Low Cost or Free Document Sharing Sites

    Ok, so in this post, I decided to start making document or slide (presentation) sharing part of my link building strategy. The purpose of this post is to share document sharing sites that I personally find useful in building up my own sites. To review the sites that I’ve used before:

    Slide Share – One of the strongest slide/document sharing sites out there. Easy and free to use. Supports a number of formats and will convert PPTX to PPT without having to resave your powerpoint.

    Zinepal – This is a paid service. The primary utility is you can enter one or many of your URL’s, then create a PDF mash-up to post live on the site and upload to other document sharing sites such as Scribd, Slideshare, etc. You create a unique description with each upload that you can include a live DoFollow link in addition to those you include in your document. If you are an Amazon kind of person, the site also creates the documents in Kindle format for you at no extra charge....

    Scribd – Scribd is best known for PDF sharing. You can sign up using Facebook if you want. Goods are the site is well known and indexed by Google, and supports PDF, PPT/X, XLS/XLSX, DOC/DOX, and a number of others.

    The new site for this is DocStoc.
    DocStoc is very similar to other document sharing sites. The twist is they do Adsense sharing for folks that have valid Adsense accounts. I’m new to using them, so on a recent slideshow upload, I took an existing upload, change the content somewhat (moved the slides around, changed some of the text, etc), created a fresh description and uploaded. Fairly straightforward to use and looks like they support ppt, pptx, doc, docx, txt, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf and a number of other popular formats. On the bad side of things, the site does not seem to be as nice for letting others directly click on embedded links in content like Scribd, Zinepal, and Slideshare on first glance (it does if they download content). Will see…worst comes to worst I guess is that I’ll make a little residual Adsense from the site if it does not have any SEO or residual traffic effect...

    Stay tuned for my next update and I’ll share another site or two! If you have any favorites, please share....

    In case you missed it, I started a list of DoFollow Web 2.0 properties here a few months back,, which can use some love or new inputs from any of you out there that are interested in helping others build supporting properties out there!

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    Hadn't posted on this one in a while.
    SlideBoom - upload and share rich powerpoint presentations online
    - Is very similar to SlideShare. PR 6 site. In the free account you can post up to 100 presentations with live links and include a description with your post.

  3. Also, you can some free share document site with large capacity and almost similar with paid document share.

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