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    Let's discuss member stories. How did you start with blogging? (not websites but only blogging)

    I had the idea of starting a social network mainly targeted to teens who just wanna break free and enjoy. I bought the domain 'Let's Sermo'. 'Sermo' means conversation in Latin. So basically it means 'Let's talk'.

    I had calculated the costs of the social network - $1000 for the design, $500 for the script and around $3000 for the promotion.

    I was totally pumped up to the next Mark Zuckerberg :P
    Then I some how came across a few social networks that had failed completely. And then one of my friends drilled it into my brains that I need at least 100k$ (maybe an over/under estimation)to make a decently sized community.

    Then I just decided to leave it. But then I had bought the domain, and I really liked it. So I decided to blog at Let's Sermo.

    Basically, that is how it started and it surely is my best blog ever.

    What's your story?

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    $1000,- for a design? Heck I would never pay that amount, even if I earned zillions monthly...

    Most of the times, I'd think about something, describe eventual things I can do with it, and some extras that are related to it. Than I search for a nice, catchy domain, and than the blogging starts.

    I create 25 posts before starting, and once I have all the posts ready, I start the blog with an introduction post, after that post I post 1 new post daily from the drafts in WP. Meanwhile, I keep making new posts. Once I'm out of inspiration, I put the blog for sale on DP or somewhere else

  3. @Aquarezz Yeah I know, I've always been a design freak :P I used to think design was king ahaha :P I even spent 500$ on the WMP design. But now I have realized that I should not give design so much importance.

    But hey! It was a social network, so it had to stand out :P
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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