Hey, no thread about this topic yet. I think this is important matter, because this is related to the visitor. If you wrong, visitor may leave. So, just wanna sharing and asking about this topic.

I just wanna ask :
Do you moderate comment on your blog or no?

With moderating, you'll get less spam but you need additional time to moderate it one by one. How if your blog is already popular and get 50 comments per day? Still moderate?

Or you're not using moderation system, but you will get spam?
Even there is many spam prevention software, it's not 100% work.

And how about hiring moderation staff? So, no need additional time to do moderation but you should pay for a person who do it? And in this case, the problem which may come is about trust, can you give a trust for a people to moderation comments in your blog?

There is so many thing shoudl be considered before just say Yes or No about moderation. How about you?
If it's me, i prefer to use no moderation, it's annoying visitor you know. As my experience as reader/visitor, when i do comments, it's not shown...It's always shown Your comments is awaiting for moderation, but how about the author of the blog is in holiday? My comments get postponed. How about if it's important things? That's why i feel moderation is not good, in my opinion. You?