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Thread: My Wordpress Site: Your Thoughts

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    My Wordpress Site: Your Thoughts

    Hi guys,

    This is my first website ever -

    I've not designed or coded it myself but I did contribute a fair bit to the design.

    The key objective of the website is to capture users email addresses in exchange for some high quality content that will be of genuine benefit to users (in PDF format)

    The day-to-day focus of the website will be content, content, content in order to establish a loyal readersip that come to us for the information for everything related to car boot sales.

    As this is my first site, I was wondering if any experienced bloggers or webmasters out there would mind taking a look at the site and making any suggestions for improvement that may help to;

    • Capture more email addresses
    • Increase visitor loyalty
    • Increase visitor participation

    Thanks in advance!


    PS - Some bits of the site still need a bit of tweaking content wise!

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    well as from a graphic designer's point of view i am just mentioning certain things that will make your visitor think of staying on your site

    1) The idea of only text as banner with that background is good but the font doesn't look pretty good there i think, if you will use a font depicting tire marks or racing types (like the slipstream font found at which is a paid font but there are somewhat similar fonts available for free at other sites) then it would make your header eye-catching.

    2) the theme is looking good but is not looking like the new web 2.0 styles it is just looking very flat and for me it isn't quite appealing.

    overall from my point of view the graphics part is good but with more corrections it would be awesome

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