Hi guys,

This is my first website ever - carbootsaletips.co.uk

I've not designed or coded it myself but I did contribute a fair bit to the design.

The key objective of the website is to capture users email addresses in exchange for some high quality content that will be of genuine benefit to users (in PDF format)

The day-to-day focus of the website will be content, content, content in order to establish a loyal readersip that come to us for the information for everything related to car boot sales.

As this is my first site, I was wondering if any experienced bloggers or webmasters out there would mind taking a look at the site and making any suggestions for improvement that may help to;

  • Capture more email addresses
  • Increase visitor loyalty
  • Increase visitor participation

Thanks in advance!


PS - Some bits of the site still need a bit of tweaking content wise!