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Thread: Need a Wordpress plugin

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    Need a Wordpress plugin

    I have looked high and low. I have tried quite a few.
    But so far, not what I want.
    So listen up:

    I want to show on a page of my blog nothing but banners (different sizes) and text ads.
    Instead of just putting in the codes on the page and having them static (eg: once I place a banner or text ad in the page, it is shown in the same spot with the same other banners/ads above or below it), what I want is to have everything randomly rotate with each visit.

    So, if on the page I have ten banners and/or text ads, they will rotate randomly.
    All of them.
    So that all are shown on the page, but in a random order with each visit.

    Anyone know of a plugin that does this and where I can get it?

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    Is it a BLOG? Can be done on a PAGE.

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    That is what I said and what I am looking for.

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    I know a php/sql script which can do this. All you need to do is paste the javascript/html code. I think that should work. PM me if you want me to install it.

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    customizing the wordpress Ad Rotate plugin will helps

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