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Thread: Optimizing your posts

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    Question Optimizing your posts

    While I was doing some research for my blog, I saw that wonderful article from PB (yes, once again). (from Darren Rowse)

    Whit the help of a few pictures (and graphics), he shows the common 'hot zones' of a post. And unsurprisingly enough, the lists are the ones that get most of the clicks. But, Mr Rowse noticed that other areas (which are usually near the end of a page), that he calls 'pause points', are pretty popular too.
    They are parts of a page where readers pause and make a decision on what to do next.

    He shares interesting tips on what to do at those pause points. Here:
    • Advertising - this is a ‘hot zone’ in terms of CPC ads
    • Affiliate Programs - I don’t find they convert as well as CPC ads here but they can work
    • Social Bookmarking - many bloggers run social bookmark buttons in this spot to encourage readers to vote for the post
    • Subscription Invitations - this is a great place to get conversions from first time readers to subscribe to your blog
    I strongly reccomend you to have a look the original article.

    Also I would like to gather your opinions on this, does the design of a POST is important to you? How and what do you do?

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    one simple question......

    how to find my pages hotspot's

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    Quote Originally Posted by anantshri View Post
    one simple question......

    how to find my pages hotspot's
    The second step is to place a small piece of javascript code on the page(s) you want to track. Once these steps are complete, data will start tracking.
    Crazy Egg

    Those 'Pause Points' look interesting; giving the user something to do may keep him/her longer on your site. Looks interesting for experimenting ad publishers too.

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