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Thread: Personal Blogs

  1. Personal Blogs


    After reading this post on I was wondering, will you read a personal blog.

    There is a poll to this thread, please try and vote.

    What are your thoughts on personal blogs?

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    I am not a fan of personal blogs. But if there is something with a blend of useful stuff like Asnio, I will read it.

    (Btw if you start one, I will read it )

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    I usually don't read personal blogs, unless (as Brando said) the owner shares experiences & stuff I'm interested in reading.

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    I don't read many, but yes, I'll read a personal blog if I want to know more about the blogger.

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    I mainly find personal blogger egoists and talk way too much about themselves. but personal blogger talking about stuff they see / hear and commenting on it (like weekly writers for a mag) are cool.

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    I'm read personal blog of some of my friend and also some personal blog from famoust figure (especially a personal blog of success internet marketer). With reading the personal blog and read their personal story about their life, sometime i get laugh because the story is so funny, and sometime get inspired (especially if i read famoust figure personal blog)

    Don't think personal blog can't giving you something. An article like this :

    "My 5 habits which make me success" is a kind of content that i find on personal blog. And it's of course usefull...

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    Btw Farrhad which personal blogs do you read?

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    I will only read personal blogs if I want am curious and want to know what the blogger is up to. For example, all Britney Spears fans will read her personal blog if she has one.
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    I have a tendency to not read personal blogs. I came from a small high school where people weren't really online much, only MySpace, which I basically had but refused to check. Therefore, nobody had any personal blogs unless they were specifically on MySpace talking about hating someone but not saying who they were, which pissed me off.

    Yes, I had a personal blog, but the audience I wanted to view it was ignorant and didn't care whatsoever, so that ended after about two weeks. Now that I am in college, I may start another one and convince my friends and business associates to do the same, but for now, it's a triviality that seems to me to be a waste of time at the moment.

    No, I don't read any personal blogs, as most don't pertain to anything that interests me or affects me. Same with the national news


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    I read a couple of personal blogs of people I really respect, but they have to know what they are talking about.

    Wan Qi Kim is absolutely brilliant, I watched a video of his on youtube and found his blog and have been a real fan of his intelligent approach.

    This is probably the first endorsement I've made in a bazillion posts.

    Wan Qi Kim is at Journik@twitter or posterous.

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