There are many blogging platforms to choose from. All have different pro's and con's. The toughest part for a blogger is to choose the right platform. (You can always make the switch later, but things get troublesome)

In this post I am featuring 3 of the most popular blogging platforms that you can pick.

Wordpress (
Wordpress, popularly known as WP, is definitely the undisputed champion. It has features like:
W3C compliant, easy to edit templates,create non-blog pages (ie. Homepage), update and maintain numerous Blog Rolls,thousands of themes available, cross-blog communication tools, comments, trackbacks, pingbacks,spam protection, optional user registration,password protect posts or pages,easy to upgrade, import from another blogging platform, allows multiple authors, bookmarklets, plugins…and the list just goes on and on.
WP is IMO the most user friendly platform too.

Google Blogger (
Blogger is also a popular platform, it is from the big G, Google.
Blogger has some disadvantages but Blogger one-ups WordPress with the ability to modify templates, allowing you to drag and drop 12 different page modules onto them. You can also drop in external RSS feeds such as Yahoo news feeds, AdSense ads, blogrolls, and third-party HTML and JavaScript applications (such as Meebo's IM window).

TypePad (
TypePad is a popular paid blogging platform.
The advantages of using TypePad are: Excellent tech support; many tools and features, including Widgets; better tagging support; customizable layouts; allows for more than one author.
Another con of this service is that it is hard to host blogs under your own domain.

So which platforms have you used? Which have you liked best? If you have any questions about these three platforms, shoot them, and i will gladly answer them. Feel free to post below.