Hey Guys, I'm taking a survey for a project that's coming up. So I want to know if you would use a free service as described below:

For Bloggers

You submit your blog for a free review, done in -video-. Kind of like a "walkthrough" of your blog, its subpages, etc from the perspective of a new visitor. To be eligible, you have to have:

  • a unique or heavily modified design
  • a stand alone domain name (any software is fine)
  • a link back to the review site - not burried
  • a blog. not a website or forum
  • an appropriate topic (no sex, drugs, illegal stuff)

Reviews would be completed within two weeks of application. As well, you can pay $3 to have your review highlighted in all archive and category pages and starred on its individual page.

The benefits to bloggers are:
  • Free publicity and exposure to our database of users
  • rights to embedd the video on their blog
  • free badges to display - one for standard reviews, one for premium, and one for 5/5 ratings
  • permanent backlinks (dofollow v.s. nofollow still being discussed)
  • a thorough review of their blogs from a first time perspective

For Viewers

The service would be nothing without viewers. Viewers can search for specific blogs, or browse through categories and tags. They can also view a summary of the blog alongside the video (purpose, owner, high points, low points, overall official rating) and can rate the blog on a scale of 1 to 5.

For Advertisers

Advertising would be available directly below the video on individual reviews pages, and in the sidebar on category pages. In addition, advertising on the front pages is available. There is no in-video advertising.

So what do you guys think? Please let me know.