Since there is no thread discuss about this and i think this is important matter, i create this thread.

What's make using read more or no is so important is because there is a myth that said google hate read more system. If i'm not worng, it's because google think it as the way of author, making more link for their article.

But for writter point of view, read more sometime needed because we find our article is too long. Instead to make hompeage generated slowly because that article, and to make 6-7 article place on homepage but look not too long, read more system in your article is a good method.

I'm not using read more since i'm writing only 250-350 word article and place only 3-4 article on homepage. But i'm sometime want people to see if there is a interestig article on my blog. If i'm already make 3-4 article after that article, that's mean that interesting articlw will lose from homepage. That's why i ever plan to use read more, in way to place 6-7 article to postpone the "dissapear-ness" of that interesting article.

What you opinion about this and do you use it?