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Thread: Redirect unwanted visitor from wordpress blog

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    Redirect unwanted visitor from wordpress blog

    Hi netbuilders,
    i usually use Geolite Country from to redirect bad traffic, i use it to my webproxy

    So, how to use it on wordpress script, where i have to put the redirect code ?
    and there's a wp-plugin for this ?
    i want redirect all unwanted traffic come to my home page, post, page, etc

    Need your suggestion
    >>> Rapidleecher <<<

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    I found this plugin on the wordpress site : iQ Block Country

    It's set to just deliver a a 403 Forbidden message to blocked countries, but if you want it to redirect them else where just edit the plugin's php file here :
    PHP Code:
            if (is_array $badcountries ) && in_array $country$badcountries )) {
    header 'HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden' ); 
    and change the header to
    PHP Code:

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    Is this legal with google ads? If so I'll send a few countries to some of my slower sites from time to time

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    @ dtkguy

    i got it, thanks for your help, always get a great answer from you ...
    >>> Rapidleecher <<<

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