The other day I was talking to a very dear friend mine. He works in the movie business. We haven't spoken in awhile and he wondered what I was up to. So I told him about my websites and the troubles I have been having about earning big money. He gave me some wonderful advice on earning money with my blogs that I thought I would share with you.

The first thing he said was "I have never produced a movie that I have not sold first. You sell it first then you build it. Only fools make independent movies with the hopes of selling them and making money later."

This got me thinking can this also work with a website or blog?

This is what I have been doing wrong from the time I have started online. I have been making blogs on thing that I have a passion for, but at the same time hoping that I could sell advertisement later.

Have any of you ever tried to do the advise that was given me for success?

What steps would need to be taken?

Where would one find advertisers for a blog that is not online and has zero PR?

I do understand why he gave me this advice, for you would already know how much you would have to spend on the the design, content, marketing, link building and so on. This way you would know exactly how much profit would be left for you in the end.

He also warned me that you must reconfigure your dollar allowance for something that is always bound to come up at the last minute.

I do believe his advice would also work in the internet world.

So lets here from people on what steps you feel need to be taken to do the same thing.

This sounds to me like a much better plan then what I have been doing in the past.

Looking for good solid advice here guys.

Thanks in advance.