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Thread: Should I be using Trackbacks?

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    Should I be using Trackbacks?

    Should I be using trackbacks to notify those who I link to in my posts? If so I have a lot of catching up to do.

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    I turn them off, on all sites.

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    I turn them off as well I find them to be a nuisance and I don't approve trackbacks.

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    I've never used them...
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    It seems like linkbacks (refbacks, trackbacks, and pingbacks) all got spammed to death.

    Spings were a hot thing a few years ago, but I don't think it is effective in 2009.
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    Yea, I suggest you turn them off too.

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    I remove the trackback links from the code, but I separate inbound links and trackbacks from comments and display them as a way to encourage people to link to an article from a related article. It does encourage inbound links.

    With WordPress, trackbacks get a nofollow attribute assigned to them, so it should not negatively affect the page and is essentially a one-way link to my sites. I do check each one to make sure it does not lead to a porn site or a page with malicious code.
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    I haven't ever used them either. And don't even plan doing it ever in the future.

  9. I find loads of forums allowing trackbacks and I guess it can also help gain more readers and members in a forum but I wonder if it has benefits in site or forums?

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