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Thread: Simple Tip to Increase Blog Readers

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    Have your blog mentioned on blogs rolls, that too blog which already get a lot ohf hits everyday. And as always you can promote your blog on social networking sites ,that will increase the number of visitors to your site as well.
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    Increase Blog Traffic 1. Open an account with Google Webmaster Tools and send a site map. Google has many tools on this site to help your blog rank better in searches for the niche you have chosen. All you have to do is select add a site and follow the request by Google.
    Increase Blog Traffic 2. As you will see on the Google webmaster tool site, Google looks at back links and ranks your site on these criteria. Good Backlinks can be achieved by finding other blogs offering similar content and posting informative information and a link back to your site. This is time consuming but very important in Google's ranking scheme. Also there are a few sites that offer help in this area. Imautomator is a site that helps you build backlinks.
    Increase Blog Traffic 3. Article Marketing is a great way to build traffic to your site and it only cost the time it takes to write informative articles and post them with the 100s of publishers online. One thing to keep in mind with article marketing is Relevancy. I cannot stress enough the importance of creating content that is relevant to the keywords you choose. There are 2 general ideas when it comes to article marketing. If you want back links don't try to sell or be concerned with bringing users to your site. Provide good honest material and in the bio section use keywords relevant to the page you are promoting. Google will index these articles and improve the ranking of the keywords that you have used to create your link.

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