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Thread: Somebody help ME

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    Somebody help ME

    i Have just created ablog site. 8cHiLdpOLicY and it is not even showing up on google even if i type directly the site name on the search page. Ho can i make it visible and any tips for me to have a good page rank...please help me.
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    Don't worry, the site is too new and just the homepage has been indexed. A search for the URL of your site on google shows up your homepage as the first result.

    It takes some time after indexation of any page for google to determine which keyword that page needs to be ranked for, so just continue updating your page and do some Social bookmarking and some other forms of linkbuilding if you have some targeted keywords and your site will show up in the results for certain search terms which it qualifies for gradually.

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    If you really want to make it big then my first suggestion is to get yourself a unique domain name,,,hosting on blogpost doesnt make any sense to me...

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    This is a spam post. The same thread, complete with typos, is being posted on other forums.
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