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Thread: spam comments : do you actually do a manual review

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    spam comments : do you actually do a manual review

    Hi all,

    a simple question to all blog owners.

    do you actually go into spam queue and manually review and decide which one to keep and which one to delete. or do you rely on the automated system.

    on a side note i use Akismat + NoSpamNX to protect my blog from spammers

    whats your best bet against spam protection.

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    I run Akismat on my blog and I very rarely check. Most days I have over 250 comments in Akismat it would take forever to check them all each day. So I just hit delete all and hope the program is correct.

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    Since I had many comments into the spam just because there was some bad word in it, made me turn off the anti-spam plugin, but if I had an active blog getting 250 comments a day I wouldn't look at them neither
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    I do periodically review what Akismet catches. Out of over 40,000 spam comments caught by Akismet on my most popular blog, I have only seen 3 or 4 that were not spam.

    On the other hand, spammers are getting more creative and many comments that almost look legitimate are indeed spam that is not being caught by Akismet. I always click on the Akismet spam link to flag those as spam. Any comment that simply says that my blog is wonderful or compliments the theme AND uses a GMail e-mail address is almost guaranteed to be spam.
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    I like checking out the "new" comments put into the auto-comment tools which folks don't change...I'm running about 1 in 500 being legit comments across my sites.

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    I sometimes check them. Mainly because I've had a few people tell me they posted a (pretty long) comment and then it was put into the spam queue.

    I usually just glance at it every few days to make sure there aren't any good comments in there.

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    I usually check my spam folder, usually there are some quality comments from my close friends.

  8. although its rare to see those comments that are not spam these days.
    i still do check those comments and if it looks as if they're not spam, i will approved it.

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    thanks for the response.

    I suppose that solves my query.

    so i can take a look at my spam queue daily with just a glance, but should look more closely if i find a long comment without any link or if someone tells me that they commented but its not published.

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    Sice i am a new blogger and I receive less comments, I review all of them manually. But the opinion of my senior members is valuable that every comment can't be reviewed and therefore using anti spam tools is the best option to prevent spamming.

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