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Thread: Starting Blogging Again

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    Starting Blogging Again

    I recently re-built my blog at: Internet Marketing Coding Blog I stopped posting around 2 years ago, but now I have fresh ideas for new topics. It is always a pity to let a blog die, so I encourage every bored blogger to consider starting again!

    Maybe a good idea for your new year's resolution?

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    This is the new look Internet Marketing Coding website moved from a broken WordPress blog to a shiney new Otaku CMS site

    But yes, a lot of people who were blogging had quit for many reasons.
    Boredom, new job, moved to new area....
    And in most cases, why should they even start up again?

    Now bored bloggers?
    Good to move away from blogging for a bit.
    Clear the mind.
    Take a good look at the entire blogging experience.
    Some never come back to blogging.
    Others come back with new fresh ideas, new outlook on blogging.

    Me, when I get tired of a blog for whatever reason, I sell it.
    Now one blog I wiped out and parked the domain I brought back a few days back, mostly as an outlet for a lot of stuff I could not post on iowadawg.
    How long I keep this blog going?
    Who knows?
    Bottom line is I am down to 2 blogs and will keep it that way.
    For now....hahahahhaha

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    Do you remember the Tamagotchi? - if you didn't nurture it and play with it regularly, it died. Like a WordPress blog.

    It sucks to go check out your old blog and find it broken.

    It will be a while until I get back into the blogging groove since I have other more important tasks, but I am keen to start up again with in-depth, media-rich posts, that engage and stimulate the blogosphere

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    The free blogger sites like googles?
    Scads of blogs that have not been updated since google started the service years back.
    Yet there they sit, gathering electronic dust.
    Same with Tumblr.

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    Well, I decided to not resume posting to this blog, but rather start 2 more blogs on better keyword domains for what is more relevant information for today's environment.
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    I finally got around to posting my first actual blog post to my new programming blog here: AngularJS Constants I kept it short and sweet since I personally like to read short blog posts rather than essays. The code listings add a splash of color but I plan to create my own custom code formatting directive that should syntax-highlight the code more appropriately. It was fun to write this post and I further crystallized my understanding of the topic.

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