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Thread: Supporting a Blogger

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    Clicking AdSense ads is also a way of supporting them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    so, it's two benefit. You have a chance to get new visitor and show our appreciation to the blogger. But do you think it's sound not pure appreciation? I mean, because you also hope people come via that comment?
    It's not wrong at all, anyway, just have some doubt to do it
    Of course it's not just to benefit, although a little self-promotion doesn't hurt does it?

    As an example, a blogger may write a post about promoting your blog, but he might miss something out that you think is important, so you write a comment about it, and others might find it helpful - which could result in them visiting your website/blog.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mac View Post
    Clicking AdSense ads is also a way of supporting them.
    Ahem Ahem! This is off-topic, but it is a mistake that many people make. So i guess I should clear it here. (Btw this is not targeted at you, Mac, but rather for everyone)

    Clicking an ad, is a nice way to make a blogger earn 10 cents. You know it is unethical but still its nice to help.....WRONG! The truth is you are damaging the site.

    See, advertisers spend on AdWords. They want the highest rate of conversions possible. I am sure if you just click an ad you are not going to buy anything. This makes the conversion % fall. And then the advertiser starts lowering the cost per click etc. This in turn affects the blogger.
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    I totally get the point
    Thanks for explaining this to me, or I would have never known.

    Nice to see the admin having so much knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic SEO View Post
    And if I may add, guess posting is more than often welcomed by bloggers. So if you want to support one, ask him if he would accept posting an article from you.
    This might not work with every one, but I know some people that would say yes almost anytime... (isn't that right Simon? ).
    Very true.

    Offering a guest post is a great way to show a blogger you appreciate their blog. Yes, you may only be doing it for your own benefit, but by asking, you're pretty much acknowledging that they run a great blog with good traffic, which is a compliment to anyone.

    Like Corey says too, getting a nice email always makes a blogger's day.

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