Blogging can sometimes be very demanding in that you will need to spend maximum time in front of your computer and blogging resources. But everyone has to go on a trip sometimes, so this post provides some cool tips on how to manage your blogging life while on the road.

1) Complete as many task as you can before you leave
You don't want to do as much while on road when compared to what you might have done in the office or at home. Therefore, plan your trip a few months in advance and take this time to prepare as many posts as possible and schedule their posting time. Put up guest posts now and schedule your own posts to publish automatically while you are on the road.

2) Store your bookmarks and passwords online
Use utilities such as Xmarks and Passpack to keep all your passwords and bookmarks online, so that you can access them anytime you want to.

3) Backup Documents online
You can use Google Docs to keep copies of your documents online, which is accessible from anywhere having an internet facility.

4) Organize your email
The last thing you will want to do is to wade through spams and notification emails when on the move. You may decide to pop into an internet kiosk for a quick check of your important emails, so organizing your email inbox is important. Create folders or labels for important emails, such as invoices. Turn of notification emails from online services, such as twitter. Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists. In short, minimize your inbox clutter so that you have instant access to your important emails. If you have a mobile internet facility, even better.

5) Keep important phone contacts numbers handy
These could include the contacts of your web hosting provider, clients, or even your bank. Your website could go down, or maybe your credit card could be lost. Having contact numbers at hand will help you quickly get in touch with the concerned individuals or companies.