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Thread: Tips on Keeping Your Readers Glued to Your Blog

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    Lightbulb Tips on Keeping Your Readers Glued to Your Blog

    Blogs are meant to communicate and getting the message across will be your primary goal. You don’t need to be a Pulitzer Price winner to run a blog, all you need are ideas or interesting things that you want to share with your readers.

    Here are some beginner tips on how you should write your blog:

    Write in a Casual Style

    You don’t need to write in a formal manner when doing your blog. You should write like you are chatting to a friend and explaining things to her or him.

    Blogs that are lighter to read and will not make anyone think too hard are better than those having complicated stuff. Before you know it, you are typing your thoughts faster than before. You will also discover what works and what doesn’t along the way.

    Avoid Big Chunks of Words

    You are not writing a report or a novel, you are writing a blog that people read online. The attention span of people reading over the net is quite shorter than those reading printed stuff.

    A paragraph that will look very heavy to the eyes will most likely not be read by your visitors. What people do online is more of scanning for the info that they need or that interest them rather than reading.

    Write Feature Posts or Reports

    Short posts are reader friendly but it will also be wise to write long feature posts or create a report that you can give out to your readers. You can ask people to opt in your list and in exchange you can send them feature articles or reports which they may find valuable.

    Update your Blog on a Regular Basis

    If you are building credibility then presence online is very important. You need to be felt by your potential readers or market. Once they see new posts or updates, you assure them that you mean serious business with the blog. Devote some time to it and surely people will notice your blog.

    Plan out what You Want to do with Your Blog

    Formulate a plan how you will make your blog successful. Think of a line up of topics that you want to cover. Study different approaches on how you can monetize your efforts online.

    Blogging should be fun. Doing something you enjoy far outweighs the profits that you will gain.


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    Nice tips DCB, acc to me, the first one is the best one. Being casual surely develops a connection between the blogger and the visitor.

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    Good tips DCB. The one I feel is the most important is Update your blog!!! I really don't like it when I go back to a blog and the info is the same.

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    Really good advice, I like the tip about writing as if you are talking to a friend. I'm only just starting out on my blog (only one post so far) so tips like this are great for a newbie like me.

    I have to admit I think I might struggle with my blog, my plan is for it to more of a review about various products and the odd off topic post, my main hope is that it will be usefull to readers. Still I'll give it a go and see how it works out, this is a great forum BTW and I think I will learn a lot here.
    I build and maintain a website about dehumidifiers I've even started a blog about them!

  5. I think that writing in a casual, talkative style is important, as you say. If you can write like you talk, people will really get to know your character more. If people find that likable, they'll keep coming back.

    It's kind of like why some broadcasters become popular. Not only do people tune in to them if they share their political and moral take on the world; they'll keep listening if they like the sound of that person's voice and the personality that comes through.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    having an interesting video on the sidebar also helps to keep ur visitors glued to your site..

  7. Well written tips. I believe the best way is to express your ideas and thoughts in order to get noticed. People will come back for more if there's something new to be offered.

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