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Thread: Tips for Starting a Blog

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    @Andy101 How is the Weight Loss Blog going?

    Quote Originally Posted by firetown View Post
    Ok my latest blog is about this. Any tips?
    How about an interactive tool to determine your personality type and what type of person matches you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    @Andy101 How is the Weight Loss Blog going?

    How about an interactive tool to determine your personality type and what type of person matches you?
    Good idea, any clue what it would take to get something like that built?
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

  3. Do what you enjoy doing and it is not like work.
    True, but the real problem is if you are not enjoying what do you do, you cannot keep the same work in future. Most bloggers started their blogs based on high paying niche (in their non-interested areas) are failure in long run.

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    I am sure that you can talk more freely about the topics that you know well.What blogging is actually? it's nothing more than writing what you think.I have seen many people starting blogs just by looking at the profit at the niche but they got nothing at the end cause they lack later the content that is needed to keep site up.
    So always start with a interest topic.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    Lately I started a new blog in the Weight Loss Niche and I'm really enjoying it, and it got me thinking ...

    Do what you enjoy doing and it is not like work.

    The most profitable niches are:

    • health
    • wealth
    • happiness

    They are kind of inter-twined don't you think?

    So I suggest that you identify one of your passions and align it with one of these 3 niches to start a blog.

    For health we have: weight loss, fitness, medical topics, healthy eating etc.

    In wealth we have: how to manage your money, investment and saving tips, being frugal etc.

    For happiness we have: dating tips, how to keep your marriage exciting, how to fix what has gone wrong in your life, how to be happy with what you have etc.

    So I suggest to any net builder to set a 2012 goal to establish 3 high quality blogs in these niches to create a solid foundation for your blog empire if you haven't done so already.
    Yes, weight loss niche is the best choice for blogging. But we can optimize this niche because this keyword is very high competition. For best result, you can update regularly , such as write article once every two day.

  6. For above nice is high paying keyword if you will monetize your blog to make money online.

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    Write a link worthy content. Avoid poor quality links. Use Word press.

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    When it comes to blogging, it has to be some topic that you enjoy writing on, only then you will be able to be creative with the content. Provide good information to the people for getting the best response. Avoid keyword stuffing and unnecessary anchor text links, the flow of the content should look natural.

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    Another idea is to post detailed tutorials on your blog targeting a keyword phrase that is not having strong competition, but is on a popular topic. This is to stand a good chance of getting in the 1st page of search results.

    For example: how you did something, such as upgrading the hard disk on your game console. This way, you have the first-hand knowledge, and can take photos of the actual equipment involved. So your post will be more credible, detailed, and original compared to writing about something based on only online research.

  10. Above of niche its very tight competition. I think you can searching first if you want to build website or blog, especially for niche competition.

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