Lately I started a new blog in the Weight Loss Niche and I'm really enjoying it, and it got me thinking ...

Do what you enjoy doing and it is not like work.

The most profitable niches are:

  • health
  • wealth
  • happiness

They are kind of inter-twined don't you think?

So I suggest that you identify one of your passions and align it with one of these 3 niches to start a blog.

For health we have: weight loss, fitness, medical topics, healthy eating etc.

In wealth we have: how to manage your money, investment and saving tips, being frugal etc.

For happiness we have: dating tips, how to keep your marriage exciting, how to fix what has gone wrong in your life, how to be happy with what you have etc.

So I suggest to any net builder to set a 2012 goal to establish 3 high quality blogs in these niches to create a solid foundation for your blog empire if you haven't done so already.