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Thread: Tips On Turning Your Readers Off

  1. Exclamation Tips On Turning Your Readers Off


    This thread is basically about things you must avoid :P

    Too many ads

    If your page is plastered with more ads than a Formula 1 car then donít expect your readers to stick around for very long. I am not saying don't have ads but please do not over monetize. Keeping a reader is much more important than earning a penny from an accidental click.

    Spelling mistakes

    This is something most people are guilty of from time to time (my sites included). You should spend as much time editing your article as you did writing it.

    Never reply to comments

    As I have said before, every comment raises the value of your blog, your readers actually take out time to comment. The least you can do is to say a small thank you. If your readers have a different point of view then donít come down on them too hard.

    Anything else that turns readers off?

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    Another one to add:

    No personality in your writing
    Nowadays, pretty much every niche is saturated, so you need to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you just write monotone articles that have no personality or humor in them, readers are likely to just go and find another blog.

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    I think this will become a problem also :

    Using Annoying Script or Plug-in

    The example is pop-up which appeared more than one and hard to close it, or annoying image verification system (image verification which shown not clear image). I think with using annoying script/plugin, readers will be lazy to come to your site/blog again. It's based on my experience :P

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    Hiw about this one?:

    Horrible design
    Design is one of the most important parts of any blog, and the design will be the first impression that nany visitor gets, so by placing a bad design on your site, you're probably going to turn away quite a lot of readers.

    Oh, and, by the way Farrhad, regarding your second point, check out the first point here:

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