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Thread: Top Tips For Newbie Bloggers?

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    Top Tips For Newbie Bloggers?

    Hey guys.

    If you had to write 5 or so top tips for newbie bloggers, what would they be?

    Personally I can think of loads, but it's hard to actually think what the 5 top tips would be.

    I think:

    1) Buy a good, memorable and brandable .com domain
    2) Get a good theme
    3) Write quality content and publish at consistent intervals
    4) Be active in communities.
    5) Advertise like crazy!

    What are yours?

  2. Nice thread!

    Here are my 5:

    1) Choose a topic you are experienced in.
    2) Remember content is king.
    3) Network with other bloggers.
    4) Join forums.
    5) Never think you know it all.
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    My top tips would go something like this:

    1) Don't save your best ideas, open with them.
    2) Be honest, always.
    3) Get a free theme, and learn how to customize it!!!
    4) Grammar, spelling, composition. Learn it.
    5) Comment on other blogs! A lot!

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    1. Write high quality content
    2. Advertise your site crazy but not spamming
    3. Blogwalking with quality comment in realted-topic blog
    4. Make a contest :P
    5. Giving away free e-book

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    1. Be awesome
    2. Write awesome stuff
    3. Have an awesome design
    4. Be awesome at Wordpress (or whatever you are using)
    5. Speak with other awesome people
    6. Be more awesome

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    1. Put your readers first
    2. Read
    3. Friends are very important; network with others
    4. Give and you shall receive
    5. Be patient; if you've noticed, many successful blogs are over a year old.
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    1. creativity is a must!
    2. if it's an information, you make sure those information are real.
    3. open minded
    4. put some manners in that
    5. dont be to cheesy

  8. I am actually a newbie blogger, and I have found these tips to be very helpful. One of the things that I have found that everyone needs to have is friends. The more friends you have, the more views you are going to have and the more money you are going to make if you advertise. These tips are very helpful! Thanks!

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    Here's mine
    - Pick topics that you good at.. so not just copycat from other blog / website..
    - Make good writings about that topic.. so ppl that read your blog will think they get new things / new knowledge so they will come again to your blog
    - Spread you blog into community site ( coz good blog with no visitors equal nothing )
    - Pick good theme ( or even make a good one )
    - If you already on your track.. monetize it (Adsense)

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