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Thread: [wanted] Slide down image on click

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    [wanted] Slide down image on click

    What I am trying to do I have no what its called I would like to add in the right side of nav bar a link and when its click a image drop down like its coming out of the nav bar and when the user click close or on the page then it closes.

    some luck that makes sense

    Next part may be pointless to ask may need to have someone do this but the image in the drop down would need to be easily changeable. was thinking via the wordpress admin area have a link to a settings page and on that page it would have say 5 or 6 check box or one drop down box with each of the images so I could change out the image quickly.

    Something like this seem tough to do or time consuming?

    Never mind on the second part was fairly easy to do So now I have all the image loaded with a drop down selection to easily select which I want to use. Now just need to make the image drop/slide down
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