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Thread: What to blog about?

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    I think people like blogs that log your attempt at achieving something. So you could challenge yourself to a goal and post updates about what you plan to do next and how it worked out etc.

    To get viral exposure for your blog you could plan to do something extreme. Then it may get picked up by the press and many forums.

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    Blog about water or gaming mouses or browsers or nature of belgium or beauty of europe or ...

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    Look at the google trends each day and pick something from there to blog about

  4. for me...write a blog that you really are interested...with... other than your that way, you can enjoy blogging!

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    Well I guess you could blog about absolutely anything, my blog is going to about dehumidifiers which is pretty strange. I think whats important is that you blog about something that you:

    1 - Have good knowledge of
    2 - Are passionate about
    3 - Are interested in
    4 - Have an opinion about

    I think its going to be hard for anyone else to suggest a subject for you, I think its something you need to decide for yourself, but I hope we can help you pick a subject.

    Do you have any hobbies or interests that you could blog about? Any subjects that you could be considered an expert on? Anything that you feel very strongly about or have an opinion?

    Hope that helps, keep us updated on your progress.
    I build and maintain a website about dehumidifiers I've even started a blog about them!

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    It also depends on what the goal for your blog is. Are you blogging because you want to get your writing out there for people to read? Is your goal to bring in advertisers and earn a profit from ads and affiliate products? Is it a blog for your business or to promote yourself in some other way (do you have your own business and you've started blogging to give yourself a more prominent face in your community)?

    Your reasons for blogging will have a lot to do with how you expand your post subject repetoire

    If you have a personal blog for personal reasons there is a great book called "Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch" (or something like that) that breaks down posting ideas by how much time for posting you have available.

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    Thanks for the comments. I've started blogging about Fitness stuff, but I got bored so decided to give up (I know it's bad to stop that fast but anyways..).

    Now I'm going to sell everything, and start one blog per month. There is a hole scheme that I'm going to do -- because I need the money Wish me luck with selling all my sites first though
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Since I'm moving to Germany in the spring, how about Belgium and German beer ??

  9. reality tv shows. thier update and humor. people like reality tv.

  10. I suggest you pick a topic that affects your life in some way on a daily basis. Whether its health, city life, rural life, your family life, finding a job, working at your job, political issues,,,,,,,

    Pick a topic that you do not have to go out of your way to find content for.

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