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Thread: What to blog about?

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    Question What to blog about?

    I'm thinking about creating a new blog and actually work on it daily instead of only the first days I've blogged about all of my hobbies, so I'm ready to try something else.

    Do you have any tips on what subject I can blog? Thanks in advance
    |Nico Lawsons

  2. Find a niche that isn't overdone, learn all about it, and start a blog, updating your readers every day with more new and exciting information dealing with that blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EighteenthSense View Post
    Find a niche that isn't overdone, learn all about it, and start a blog, updating your readers every day with more new and exciting information dealing with that blog.
    That's what I'm doing for a few days (weeks in fact) already, but I couldn't find something. Or it's high-paying and has 9,000,000 other websites about it, or it's something like Cancer which I won't write about for different reasons

    So maybe if somebody could suggest some subjects?

    Edit: Found one niche, which I'm definitely going to like at the moment
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Go to Yahoo! Answers. Find out what people are interested to know about. Write a quality post and answer the question with a link to your blog for laser-targeted traffic.

  5. That's an awesome tip. You can also use your huge Twitter followers to advertise your new blog.

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    A city blog is a great blog topic. Blog about events, things to do, places to see, resturants, happenings, bars etc.

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    Pick an item in the room. Blog about it.

    Do something. Blog about it.

    Think of something. Blog about it.

    Have a terrible, boring day. Blog about it.

    People like funny stuff. If you write something random, it's easy to make it funny.

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    Write about something very specific and use long-tail keywords.

    For example, as Charles said, if you pick an item in the room to blog about, let's say your computer, you shouldn't create a blog just about computers, but instead a blog about 'Dell Computers' - that way, you have a more targeted, niche-specific blog. I also recommend you write about something you're knowledgeable about or at least interested in, as that will make the work less monotonous.

  9. Found this nice little article that may help you out a bit:

    Blogs often fail because their owners run out of topics to write about, and in a fit of frustration and writer's block, they give up. People have trouble coming up with ideas oftentimes, and that's okay. It doesn't say anything bad about your ability as a blogger. It just means that you need to come up with a new method of developing ideas.

    Here's a good writer's best kept secret: when you run out of ideas of your own, look to other people for inspiration. The following are great tips for developing blog topics when your own creativity well comes up dry:

    Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #1: Go to the Search Engines

    I myself have found Google to be very accommodating in providing me with blog topics. Run a search that focuses on your blog's niche. For example, let's say that your blog's niche is tattoos. You may consider typing the following phrases into the search engine:

    • How do I get a tattoo?
    • I'm having problems with my tattoo
    • I need help with my tattoo

    Look through the results and see what you find. People read blogs in order to find out information. "How to"-type topics are great, and this is a great way to find them.

    Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #2: Join a Forum

    The majority of Web Sites today have forums. Join forums that focus on your blog's niche and see what people are talking about, and then make them the focus of your blog. I've found that this method usually provides weeks' worth of blog topics.

    Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #3: Check Out Other Blogs

    This doesn't mean that you should copy their topics. Remember, one of the main ingredients in developing a strong blog readership is to provide topics and content that are unique. However, reading other peoples' blogs usually provides inspiration and often promotes the chance to write about a topic from a fresh perspective that people will enjoy. Again, don't copy other peoples' blogs!

    Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #4: Watch the News

    Local and national news shows are always abreast of the latest topics and trends in the world. They also provide a plethora of blogging ideas to choose from. You may not always find information that suits your blog's niches; however, you should still stay tuned in to the news to make sure you don't miss out on the chance to write about a topic before others do.

    Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #5: Ask Your Readers

    A good blogger always provides a way for his readers to contact him. It's a great way to build relationships with readers and to keep them coming back. If you feel like you're running out of blog topics, then ask your readers what they would like to read about.

    When you go in search of fresh topic ideas it is important that you do not plagiarize. For starters, it's unethical, and secondly, it means that your blog is not cutting edge and will not stand out from the many other mediocre blogs on the Internet.

    It's common for people to run out of topic ideas for their blog. When this happens to you, don't panic and don't give up on your blog. Instead, get creative and let the ideas of other people inspire you.


    I assume you have the first two tips done, now work hard on the other three.
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    Thanks everybody for the comments! I'm having some ideas

    |Nico Lawsons

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